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    Desert Grass

    Desert Grass 20056-006 BLUSH SILVERDesert Grass 20056-012 BLUE SILVERDesert Grass 20056-018 BROWN SILVERDesert Grass 20056-019 GREY SILVERDesert Grass 20056-020 NATURAL SILVERDesert Grass 20056-022 INDIGO SILVERDesert Grass 20056-029 STONE SILVERDesert Grass 20056-030 WHITE SILVERDesert Grass 20056-049 CHARCOAL SILVERDesert Grass 20056-050 FOG SILVER

    COLOR: .

    ITEM # 20056

    Desert Grass is dyed paper woven on a gold or silver metallic ground offering depth and rustic character. Available in a variety of colors ranging from hues of blues, reds and browns to soft pinks and creams, Desert Grass offers the look of woven raffia. Sold by the yard.

  • Aurora Walls

    Aurora Walls

    Aurora Walls 20047-009 SILVERAurora Walls 20047-019 GRAPHITE

    COLOR: .

    ITEM # 20047

    Literally meaning the dawn, Aurora Walls boasts sunrise colors of soft grays and blues and sunsets of bronze. With its subtle texture, Aurora is made of refined raffia with pearlescent finish, creating a unique rustic elegance. (Sold by the Yard)

  • Burnished Walls

    Burnished Walls

    Burnished Walls 20050-010 WHITEBurnished Walls 20050-020 CREAM

    COLOR: .

    ITEM # 20050

    Burnished Walls offers a handcrafted work of art. Layers of texture allow very subtle lines of silver to shine through, hand-rubbed to create a glistening effect. Fluid, distinctive, a captivating wallcovering. (Sold by the Roll)

  • Effervescent Walls

    Effervescent Walls

    Effervescent Walls 20051-009 SILVEREffervescent Walls 20051-010 WHITEEffervescent Walls 20051-020 CREAM

    COLOR: .

    ITEM # 20051

    Pops of sparkle shimmer at different angles of light with Effervescent Walls. Icy tones of blue and crystal flash every so often under its vertical rib. Effervescent is a sophisticated wallcovering inspired by the emergence of Blue Dawn. (Sold by the Roll)

  • Luminous Walls

    Luminous Walls

    Luminous Walls 20049-009 SILVERLuminous Walls 20049-010 WHITE

    COLOR: .

    ITEM # 20049

    Inspired by the wake of spring and melting snow, Luminous Walls shines with variations of metallic and silver. Pearlescent color is hand applied over a silver mylar ground, and vertical stripes are pulled by artisan hands. Due to its handcrafted nature, the pattern is truly unique and offers variation reflective of its artistry. (Sold by the Roll)



    Splendid 20054-009 PLATINUMSplendid 20054-019 SILVER

    COLOR: .

    ITEM # 20054

  • Avant-garde


    Avant-garde 20055-002 SOFT BLUEAvant-garde 20055-009 CHARCOALAvant-garde 20055-029 SOFT SILVER

    COLOR: .

    ITEM # 20055

  • Mame


    Mame 20053-008 SILVERMame 20053-009 PLATINUM

    COLOR: .

    ITEM # 20053

  • Windowpane Silver

    Windowpane Silver


    ITEM # 0G903-009

    Windowpane Silver is a warm and elegant wallcovering with a plaid pattern. The metallic silver glow of this wallcovering adds depth and sophistication to any interior. Sold by 24ft (7.3m) rolls.

  • Shimmer Walls

    Shimmer Walls

    Shimmer Walls 20012-009 SILVER

    COLOR: .

    ITEM # 20012

    Shimmer Walls is a paperbacked 100% linen metallic scrim woven of the finest Belgian linen the light, sparkle of color on the surface is very subtle, yet beautifully catches the shine and shimmer of light across its surface.Sold by the yard.

  • Precious Time

    Precious Time

    Precious Time 20034-003 WHITE GOLDPrecious Time 20034-008 PEWTERPrecious Time 20034-009 SATIN NICKELPrecious Time 20034-018 TITANIUM

    COLOR: .

    ITEM # 20034

  • Looks Like Grass

    Looks Like Grass

    Looks Like Grass 09720-009 DRIFTWOOD

    COLOR: .

    ITEM # 09720

    Looks Like Grass is a durable, modern alternative to actual grasscloths. Translated from grasscloth, this 100% paper backed vinyl wallcovering has been treated with a water and stain repellent finish. The faux finish of this wallcovering can fool even the most discerning eye. Sold by the yard.

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