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  • Jumbo


    Jumbo 20059-006 BLUSH

    COLOR: .

    ITEM # 20059

    A natural grass weave is applied to a backing of paper and then printed with an all-over pattern, reminiscent of elephant hide.

  • Smoke And Mirrors

    Smoke And Mirrors

    Smoke And Mirrors 20060-006 BLUSH

    COLOR: .

    ITEM # 20060

    An open weave of faux "raffia" paper strands is applied to metallic foil paper and then printed with a hazy, textured stripe.


    Desert Grass

    Desert Grass 20056-006 BLUSH SILVERDesert Grass 20056-016 BLUSH GOLD

    COLOR: .

    ITEM # 20056

    Desert Grass is dyed paper woven on a gold or silver metallic ground offering depth and rustic character. Available in a variety of colors ranging from hues of blues, reds and browns to soft pinks and creams, Desert Grass offers the look of woven raffia. Sold by the yard.

  • Hand Made Strie

    Hand Made Strie

    Hand Made Strie P0282-00D PINK

    COLOR: .

    ITEM # P0282

    This artisanal hand made stripe pattern is printed on special clay coated composite paper. An equally playful and classic textile.

  • Gidget


    Gidget 20031-001 redGidget 20031-006 BLUSH

    COLOR: .

    ITEM # 20031

  • Warrenton


    Warrenton P0348-0DB PINK ON WHITE

    COLOR: .

    ITEM # P0348

    d rotary printed stripe.Warrenton is a playful fabric with a hand drawn diamond pattern. This print is hand scre

  • Beckley Stripe

    Beckley Stripe

    Beckley Stripe P0287-00D PINK ON WHITE

    COLOR: .

    ITEM # P0287

    Beckley Stripe wallpaper is an elegant rotary printed stripe. This wallcovering reflects timeless, clean design and nuanced proportion.

  • Lewis


    Lewis P1042-00D PINK ON WHITE

    COLOR: .

    ITEM # P1042

    Lady Bird Johnson collaborated with Harry Hinson in the late 80's to create a collection of hand printed textiles and wallcoverings based on the preservations of Wildflowers in the U.S. Lewis was a result of that classic, creative union.

  • Martin Stripe

    Martin Stripe

    Martin Stripe P0328-00D PINK ON WHITE

    COLOR: .

    ITEM # P0328

    Martin Stripe wallpaper is a classic Hinson two toned rotary printed stripe.

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