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  • Precious Time

    Precious Time

    Precious Time 20034-008 PEWTERPrecious Time 20034-009 SATIN NICKELPrecious Time 20034-018 TITANIUM

    COLOR: .

    ITEM # 20034

  • Grasscloth


    Grasscloth Y0300-0HB SILVER GRAY

    COLOR: .

    ITEM # Y0300

    Grasscloth has a rustic, yet refined look. Made from 100% natural Sisal fibers, this fabric is a great backdrop to any space.

  • Russian Roulette

    Russian Roulette

    Russian Roulette 20033-009 ROSE GOLD

    COLOR: .

    ITEM # 20033



    Splendid 20054-008 PEWTERSplendid 20054-009 PLATINUMSplendid 20054-019 SILVER

    COLOR: .

    ITEM # 20054

  • Avant-garde


    Avant-garde 20055-029 SOFT SILVER

    COLOR: .

    ITEM # 20055

  • Daybreak Walls

    Daybreak Walls

    Daybreak Walls 20048-009 ASHDaybreak Walls 20048-019 GRAPHITEDaybreak Walls 20048-020 IVORYDaybreak Walls 20048-029 GREYDaybreak Walls 20048-030 BEIGE

    COLOR: .

    ITEM # 20048

    Simulating a rustic hand-woven silk, Daybreak Walls is an easy to use wallcovering suitable to accent any room. Offered in an extensive range of neutral tones with subtle hints of color. (Sold by the Roll)

  • Big Trixie

    Big Trixie

    Big Trixie 44002-003 OYSTERBig Trixie 44002-004 GREY

    COLOR: .

    ITEM # 44002

    This year's BIG story is "Big Trixie." As the name suggests, this dramatic wallcovering started with Hinson's famous "Trixie" pattern and then put the zoom on kaboom! The iconic stars motifs are BIG, the graphic dots are BIG, and when printed on textured faux-grasscloth, the impact is TREMENDOUS. Supplied in 54" inch wide, 10-yard rolls. Contract/hospitality grade Type II (Class A) vinyl for residential or commercial use. In 7 colorways.

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