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  • Bamboozle Metallic

    Bamboozle Metallic

    Bamboozle Metallic 20058-003 GOLD

    ITEM # 20058

    This version of "Bamboozle" wallcovering utilizes metallic faux "raffia" strands made of blended paper and rayon. These are carefully applied, in a vertical arrangement, to metallic lacquered paper ground. Pure metal look with lots of texture and surface interest. Dazzling. Dramatic. A little bit wild. Paper/Rayon (viscose) strands on Paper ground. In 2 colorways. Sold by the yard.

  • Jumbo


    Jumbo 20059-003 METALLIC

    ITEM # 20059

    This wallcovering remembers Jumbo, The Giant African Elephant, one of the greatest circus attractions of all time. A natural grass weave is applied to a backing of paper and then printed with an all-over pattern, reminiscent (with some imagination) of elephant hide. Metallic inks add eye-catching shine and all-purpose scale makes "Jumbo" both beautiful to behold and easy to use. Woven Grass and Cotton on Paper. In 8 colorways. Sold by the yard.

  • Smoke And Mirrors

    Smoke And Mirrors

    Smoke And Mirrors 20060-003 GOLD

    ITEM # 20060

    When is a stripe not just a stripe? When it's "Smoke and Mirrors" wallcovering. Subtle, thin stripes seem to come and go depending on the angle at which theyre viewed. An open weave of faux "raffia" paper strands is applied to metallic foil paper and then printed with the pattern. The smoky vertical stripes both contrast and balance the strong horizontal movement of the woven paper. The effect is atmospheric, mysterious, and thanks to the sparkling foil, super-chic. Woven Paper and Poly on P...

  • Trixie


    Trixie P1003-0YY GOLD/BLACK ON WHITE

    COLOR: .

    ITEM # P1003

    Albert Hadley collaborated with Harry Hinson in 2001 to create a collection encompassing light hearted hand printed textiles and wallcoverings. Trixie's playful small star pattern comes in coordinating textile. Beautiful and fanciful in its simplicity.

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