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  • Smoke And Mirrors

    Smoke And Mirrors

    Smoke And Mirrors 20060-002 BLUE

    ITEM # 20060

    When is a stripe not just a stripe? When it's "Smoke and Mirrors" wallcovering. Subtle, thin stripes seem to come and go depending on the angle at which theyre viewed. An open weave of faux "raffia" paper strands is applied to metallic foil paper and then printed with the pattern. The smoky vertical stripes both contrast and balance the strong horizontal movement of the woven paper. The effect is atmospheric, mysterious, and thanks to the sparkling foil, super-chic. Woven Paper and Poly on P...

  • Bamboozle


    Bamboozle 20057-002 SKYBamboozle 20057-012 BLUE

    ITEM # 20057

    This go-anywhere wallcovering is covered in matte faux "raffia" strands made of blended paper and rayon. These are dyed to color and carefully applied, in a vertical arrangement, to a lacquered paper ground. Peeks of the glistening ground are seen through the more matte "raffia" and provide a purposeful element of glamour in the otherwise dry, earthy offering. Paper/Rayon (viscose) strands on Paper ground. In 8 colorways. Sold by the yard.

  • Jumbo


    Jumbo 20059-002 BLUE

    ITEM # 20059

    This wallcovering remembers Jumbo, The Giant African Elephant, one of the greatest circus attractions of all time. A natural grass weave is applied to a backing of paper and then printed with an all-over pattern, reminiscent (with some imagination) of elephant hide. Metallic inks add eye-catching shine and all-purpose scale makes "Jumbo" both beautiful to behold and easy to use. Woven Grass and Cotton on Paper. In 8 colorways. Sold by the yard.


    Desert Grass

    Desert Grass 20056-012 BLUE SILVERDesert Grass 20056-022 INDIGO SILVERDesert Grass 20056-032 INDIGO GOLD

    COLOR: .

    ITEM # 20056

    Desert Grass is dyed paper woven on a gold or silver metallic ground offering depth and rustic character. Available in a variety of colors ranging from hues of blues, reds and browns to soft pinks and creams, Desert Grass offers the look of woven raffia. Sold by the yard.

  • Aurora Walls

    Aurora Walls

    Aurora Walls 20047-002 SKY

    COLOR: .

    ITEM # 20047

    Literally meaning the dawn, Aurora Walls boasts sunrise colors of soft grays and blues and sunsets of bronze. With its subtle texture, Aurora is made of refined raffia with pearlescent finish, creating a unique rustic elegance. (Sold by the Yard)

  • Opaline Walls

    Opaline Walls

    Opaline Walls 20046-002 SKYOpaline Walls 20046-012 LAKE

    COLOR: .

    ITEM # 20046

    Hand-woven with chunky raffia, Opaline Walls offers generous variation in texture while its pearles-cent finish provides a soft, inviting luster to any room. (Sold by the Yard)

  • Avant-garde


    Avant-garde 20055-002 SOFT BLUE

    COLOR: .

    ITEM # 20055

  • Hemp Ii

    Hemp Ii

    Hemp Ii 0G971-002 METALLIC BLUE

    COLOR: .

    ITEM # 0G971

    Hemp II is a hand constructed wallcovering that provides beautiful texture and color to walls with an easy elegance. Hemp II is available in a versatile array of colors ranging from iridescent glowing hues to warm and earthy tones. Sold by 24ft (7.3m) rolls.

  • Gidget


    Gidget 20031-002 SKYGidget 20031-012 LIGHT BLUEGidget 20031-022 COBALTGidget 20031-032 DUSKGidget 20031-042 INKGidget 20031-044 SEA

    COLOR: .

    ITEM # 20031

  • Silk Walls

    Silk Walls

    Silk Walls 20029-002 LIGHT BLUESilk Walls 20029-012 MIDNIGHT BLUESilk Walls 20029-022 TEAL

    COLOR: .

    ITEM # 20029

    Donghia presents Silk Walls, a collection of hand crafted silk wallcoverings created in Japan using techniques developed over generations. Luminous, painterly color and delicate natural texture combine to create the alluring quality of this distinctive product. The palette offers ethereal neutrals, deep moody hues, and rich jewel-tones. (Sold by the Yard)

  • Maestro Walls

    Maestro Walls

    Maestro Walls 20013-002 ROBIN

    COLOR: .

    ITEM # 20013

    Made of the finest Belgian linens, Maestro Walls is paperbacked for ease and versatility. Maestro Walls is yarn dyed in a wide range of different color ways and brings the ultimate in luxurious walls to any environment. Sold by the yard.

  • Cavalry Walls

    Cavalry Walls

    Cavalry Walls 20030-002 GRANT

    COLOR: .

    ITEM # 20030

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