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  1. Ariadne


    The Italian inspired traditional Greek key pattern is evident in Ariadne. A great decorative pattern suitable for upholstery use. Learn More
  2. Connelly Chenille

    Connelly Chenille

    The geometric chenille design of Connelly Chenille is reminiscent of a labyrinth. Learn More
  3. New London Chenille

    New London Chenille

    New London Chenille has a small geometric patterned tonal chenille design. Learn More
  4. Pinking


    Pinking offers a classic small herringbone pattern - effortlessly stylish. Learn More
  5. Olivia Sheer

    Olivia Sheer

    Olivia Sheer is a square paneled sheer, fil coupe cut, in weft yarns. An elegant and cool sheer. Learn More
  6. Fair And Square

    Fair And Square

    Fair and Square is a geometric pattern of plaid and square. Perfectly sized and proportioned for infinite uses. Learn More
  7. Perkins Chenille

    Perkins Chenille

    The subtle geometric chenille pattern of Perkins Chenille is offered in tonal color combinations. Learn More
  8. Plaza Matelasse

    Plaza Matelasse

    Plaza Matelasse is a diamond quilted patterned fabric. It works well in both traditional and contemporary room settings and provides depth and warmth. Learn More
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