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    Named for those indispensable hotel or apartment employees who seem to make anything possible, "Concierge" is a universal starting point for any project. The high-low rippled texture fits easily into a wide range of design styles, while the durable weave structure makes it especially practical for upholstery. Cotton/poly/wool construction. Learn More
    Concierge 10333-002 BLUEConcierge 10333-004 CELERYConcierge 10333-005 MANDARINConcierge 10333-008 BEIGEConcierge 10333-009 SILVERConcierge 10333-010 CREAMConcierge 10333-012 NAVYConcierge 10333-018 TANConcierge 10333-019 GREYConcierge 10333-020 OYSTERConcierge 10333-029 CHARCOALConcierge 10333-039 black


    Graphic prints with a surprising twist! These four prints ("Cocktails", "Reflection", "Alley Cat", and "Riverside"), designed to mix and match, are genuine yet modern takes on warp printing. First, only the warp yarns are digitally printed. Then, weft yarns are woven through to create the final product. During weaving, the printed yarns shift slightly to create the characteristic and desirable feathered edges around every motif. 100% cotton. Learn More
    Riverside 10321-001 CORALRiverside 10321-002 MISTRiverside 10321-004 TEALRiverside 10321-008 TAUPERiverside 10321-009 DOVERiverside 10321-012 SLATERiverside 10321-019 CHARCOAL
  3. Thomas


    This beautiful quality refines the look and touch of chenille, rendering it fully modern. Two colors of fine linen chenille yarn are twisted together to create the background. Additional weft yarns appear at random to add pops of color, highlight or shadow. The linen chenille, new to the market, provides a surface which is both durable and appealingly matte/dry. Upholstery weight. Linen, Viscose, Poly, Cotton construction. In 12 colors. Learn More
    Thomas 42013-001 BEIGEThomas 42013-002 BROWNThomas 42013-003 OYSTERThomas 42013-004 GREYThomas 42013-005 DARY GREYThomas 42013-006 MULTIThomas 42013-007 YELLOWThomas 42013-008 AQUAThomas 42013-009 greenThomas 42013-010 CORALThomas 42013-011 redThomas 42013-012 BLUE


    This chenille texture captures the magic of a starry evening sky. The weave employs a surprising yarn made of reflective sequins. The sequins are virtually invisible until theyre hit with light which prompts them to twinkle and flash to romantic, truly dazzling, effect. Perfect for upholstery or sumptuous curtains, "Starlight" is chenille with inherent star power. Rayon/poly construction. Learn More
    Starlight 10323-002 AQUAStarlight 10323-004 FERNStarlight 10323-008 SANDStarlight 10323-009 CHARCOALStarlight 10323-010 WHITEStarlight 10323-012 SLATEStarlight 10323-018 TOBACCOStarlight 10323-019 blackStarlight 10323-020 SNOWStarlight 10323-022 NAVY
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