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  • NYC


    Nyc 10325-002 AQUANyc 10325-008 SANDNyc 10325-009 SILVERNyc 10325-010 CREAMNyc 10325-012 SLATENyc 10325-019 CHARCOAL

    COLOR: .

    ITEM # 10325

    Named for its jacquard patterning which suggests a grid-like map of city blocks, this stunning velvet is alive with New York's energy and light. Cut pile and uncut loops of viscose create captivating surface texture, tonal color shifts and stimulating high/low relief. The voided background, in a herringbone weave, is lightly peppered with metallic yarn. The impact is high style and head-turning glamour for upholstery use. Viscose/Poly/Polyamide construction.



    Geometry 10330-002 AQUAGeometry 10330-008 BEIGEGeometry 10330-009 DOVEGeometry 10330-010 CREAMGeometry 10330-018 TAUPEGeometry 10330-019 GREYGeometry 10330-020 SANDGeometry 10330-029 black

    COLOR: .

    ITEM # 10330

    Geometric motifs are softened with an ikat effect in this weighty, multipurpose weave. The usual hard edges of circles, diamonds, triangles and squares have been purposely rendered to appear feathered and imperfect. Linen running through the weft adds gentle slub texture throughout. A wonderful and durable foundation. Cotton/nylon/linen construction.

  • Nevins


    Nevins 42012-001 CREAMNevins 42012-002 TAUPENevins 42012-003 BROWNNevins 42012-004 GREYNevins 42012-005 AQUANevins 42012-006 TURQUOISENevins 42012-007 GREENNevins 42012-008 PEACHNevins 42012-009 REDNevins 42012-010 BLUENevins 42012-011 black

    COLOR: .

    ITEM # 42012

    The chevron patterning of this useful basic has been softened by a clever distressed effect in the weave. The result is a practical textile which readily travels between styles while mixing and matching with ease. Mid-weight. Viscose, Poly, Linen construction. In 11 colors.

  • Hearst


    Hearst 42017-001 BEIGEHearst 42017-002 TAUPEHearst 42017-003 BROWNHearst 42017-004 AQUAHearst 42017-005 TURQUOISEHearst 42017-006 BLUEHearst 42017-007 GREY

    COLOR: .

    ITEM # 42017

    Responding to demand for stripes, "Hearst" is sure to please. Four colors of yarn create the design, which runs vertically, "up the roll." DRALON yarns look and feel like weighty linen or thick, dry cotton, but in fact are a type of acrylic. Perfect for use indoors or out. Upholstery weight. 100% Dralon Acrylic construction. This is a yarn-dyed acrylic, comparable to solution-dyed. Performance properties are essentially the same. In 7 colors.

  • Rush Hour

    Rush Hour

    Rush Hour 10313-001 REDRush Hour 10313-002 MISTRush Hour 10313-008 LINENRush Hour 10313-012 BLUERush Hour 10313-019 CHARCOAL

    COLOR: .

    ITEM # 10313

    This striking embroidery, readily a graphic statement or useful coordinate, captures the wild energy of a daily commute. Expressionistic scribbles race horizontally across the goods, fully covering the fabric with dynamic bands of color. Two matte yarns interact with one gleaming yarn for added dimension and play of light. Polyester/viscose (or metallic) embroidery on linen/cotton ground.



    Cocktails 10318-001 CORALCocktails 10318-002 MISTCocktails 10318-004 TEALCocktails 10318-008 TAUPECocktails 10318-009 CLOVECocktails 10318-012 SLATECocktails 10318-019 CHARCOAL

    COLOR: .

    ITEM # 10318

    Graphic prints with a surprising twist! These four prints ("Cocktails", "Reflection", "Alley Cat", and "Riverside"), designed to mix and match, are genuine yet modern takes on warp printing. First, only the warp yarns are digitally printed. Then, weft yarns are woven through to create the final product. During weaving, the printed yarns shift slightly to create the characteristic and desirable feathered edges around every motif. 100% cotton.



    Starlight 10323-002 AQUAStarlight 10323-004 FERNStarlight 10323-008 SANDStarlight 10323-009 CHARCOALStarlight 10323-010 WHITEStarlight 10323-012 SLATEStarlight 10323-018 TOBACCOStarlight 10323-019 blackStarlight 10323-020 SNOWStarlight 10323-022 NAVY

    COLOR: .

    ITEM # 10323

    This chenille texture captures the magic of a starry evening sky. The weave employs a surprising yarn made of reflective sequins. The sequins are virtually invisible until they're hit with light which prompts them to twinkle and flash to romantic, truly dazzling, effect. Perfect for upholstery or sumptuous curtains, "Starlight" is chenille with inherent star power. Rayon/poly construction.



    Parade 10328-001 REDParade 10328-002 AQUAParade 10328-008 SANDParade 10328-009 GREYParade 10328-010 CREAMParade 10328-012 BLUEParade 10328-018 TAUPEParade 10328-019 CHARCOALParade 10328-029 black

    COLOR: .

    ITEM # 10328

    Rhythmic waves of triangular shapes ripple across the surface of this mid-weight, multi-purpose fabric. The weave structure cleverly mimics needlepoint, while the graphic patterning is at once subtly ethnic and thoroughly modern. Rayon/nylon construction is both soft and durable.



    Concierge 10333-002 BLUEConcierge 10333-004 CELERYConcierge 10333-005 MANDARINConcierge 10333-008 BEIGEConcierge 10333-009 SILVERConcierge 10333-010 CREAMConcierge 10333-012 NAVYConcierge 10333-018 TANConcierge 10333-019 GREYConcierge 10333-020 OYSTERConcierge 10333-029 CHARCOALConcierge 10333-039 black

    COLOR: .

    ITEM # 10333

    Named for those indispensable hotel or apartment employees who seem to make anything possible, "Concierge" is a universal starting point for any project. The high-low rippled texture fits easily into a wide range of design styles, while the durable weave structure makes it especially practical for upholstery. Cotton/poly/wool construction.

  • Morgan


    Morgan 42015-001 CREAMMorgan 42015-002 LINENMorgan 42015-003 STONEMorgan 42015-004 TOBACCOMorgan 42015-005 CHARCOALMorgan 42015-006 GREYMorgan 42015-007 AQUAMorgan 42015-008 GREENMorgan 42015-009 BLUE

    COLOR: .

    ITEM # 42015

    This weighty solid makes a handsome foundation; the start of any room. Two colors of yarn work together to add life and movement to the surface. "Morgan" is the perfect complement and coordinate to "Astor," and utilizes the same next-generation solution dyed acrylic yarns. The result is another offering having an indoor look and feel while it provides surprising outdoor/performance properties. Upholstery weight. 100% Solution Dyed Acrylic construction. In 9 colors.

  • Majestic Metallic

    Majestic Metallic


    ITEM # 10335-019

    Named for the landmark apartment building on New York's famed Central Park West, "Majestic" is a hand-made embroidery of theatrical impact. The boldly-scaled design, inspired by patterns from the Art Deco period, represents stylized, intertwined palm fronds. The graphic nature of the design has been softened by the production technique, which employs two different colors of matte yarn running side by side. Poly yarns (which look like cotton) on linen ground.

  • Harbor


    Harbor 42020-001 GREYHarbor 42020-002 YELLOWHarbor 42020-003 PEACHHarbor 42020-004 CORALHarbor 42020-005 GREENHarbor 42020-006 AQUAHarbor 42020-007 BLUE

    COLOR: .

    ITEM # 42020

    Stylized sea plants embellish the surface of this spellbinding embroidery. Varied, highly sophisticated stitch techniques create motifs of differing texture, density and height. The lush dimensional effect is offset and enhanced by a pure linen ground. A unique yarn color and quality is used to render each of the four repeating motifs. Mid-weight. Linen ground with Viscose embroidery. In 7 colors.

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