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  1. Effie


    Inspired by vintage Japanese Obies, this rich, multidimensional textile boasts a soft metallic floral pattern, enhanced by a subtle ribbing in the ground. Learn More
    Effie 10284-001 SCARLETEffie 10284-002 SOFT BLUEEffie 10284-003 SAFFRONEffie 10284-005 COPPEREffie 10284-009 GREY TAUPEEffie 10284-010 CREAMEffie 10284-012 VINTAGE BLUEEffie 10284-019 SILVER GREY


    A twist on Donghia's best-selling Camelot, this checkerboard offers layers of dimension. A serene textile, Dapper is masculine but angular. An instant classic, with a distinctly modern 'sthetic. Learn More
    Dapper 10281-002 LT. BLUEDapper 10281-004 SAGE GREENDapper 10281-008 CAMELDapper 10281-009 CHARCOALDapper 10281-010 CREAMDapper 10281-018 SOFT BROWNDapper 10281-028 CHOCOLATE
  3. Bee's Knees

    Bee's Knees

    A take on a traditional toile, modernized with larger scale, Bees Knees offers an amplified watercolor look on 100% linen. Natural slubs deliver textural depth to this witty design, which is as much about its landscape as its show stopping birds. Learn More
    Bee's Knees 10287-002 INDIGO BLUEBee's Knees 10287-004 FRESH GREENBee's Knees 10287-012 GREY BLUE
  4. Deco


    Donghia's first quilted fabric, Deco is rich in stitches, offering a very high quality quilting. Inspired by an antique sofa, Deco's geometric lines marry well with the sculptural curves found in Donghia's extensive furniture collection. Learn More
  5. Zelda


    A perfect basic with a focus on the boucle yarns in her weft. A subtle brushstroke pattern adds a hint of mystery to this very refined chenille. Learn More
    Zelda 10285-001 SCARLETZelda 10285-002 BLUE GREYZelda 10285-008 CAMELZelda 10285-009 GREYZelda 10285-010 CHALKZelda 10285-018 MOUSEZelda 10285-028 COCOAZelda 10285-004 FRESH DEWZelda 10285-014 SOFT SAGE
  6. Ritzy


    With its printed distressed sequined pattern, this snappy fabric would make Daisy Buchanan swoon. Featuring shadow striping, Ritzy is a maze of glamour. She moves with light, and makes any application her own. Learn More
    Ritzy 10283-002 BLUERitzy 10283-004 ANTIQUE BRASSRitzy 10283-007 DUSK VIOLETRitzy 10283-010 PEARLRitzy 10283-020 WHITE SILVER

    Cat's Meow

    A whimsical, graphic tree pattern, this fabric is true to its name. Cat's Meow makes a bold statement and adds a grin and a wink to any space. Learn More
    Cat's Meow 10288-005 SIENACat's Meow 10288-009 MISTCat's Meow 10288-010 CREAM
  8. Roxie


    Roxie's rustic slubs and color variation remind users that she is very much a product from nature. Hand-woven silk, boasting spectacular variation and calendar finish that gives her a final polish. Learn More
    Roxie 10280-001 PINOT NOIRRoxie 10280-002 SKY BLUERoxie 10280-003 SAFFRONRoxie 10280-004 SPRING GREENRoxie 10280-005 TERRA COTTARoxie 10280-008 NATURALRoxie 10280-009 SILVERRoxie 10280-010 CREAMRoxie 10280-012 TEALRoxie 10280-018 PEWTERRoxie 10280-019 MIDNIGHT
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