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  1. Lovely


    This linen sheer epitomizes grace. It's fresh and airy impression is supported by its five colorways and double width. Easily railroaded, this horizontal stripe can be used in a variety of applications. Learn More
    Lovely 10231-002 BLUELovely 10231-006 PINKLovely 10231-008 TANLovely 10231-009 COALLovely 10231-010 white
  2. Beguile


    Beguile is a clever thin stripe with a hypnotizing effect. Composed of 100% cotton this mesmerizing stripe is enhanced by a satin weave. Learn More
    Beguile 10229-002 BLUEBeguile 10229-006 PINKBeguile 10229-008 TANBeguile 10229-009 SILVERBeguile 10229-010 whiteBeguile 10229-019 GREYBeguile 10229-029 COAL
  3. Belfast
  4. Witty


    A bold stripe, Witty is augmented by its large scale and vibrant colors. Learn More
    Witty 10230-001 redWitty 10230-002 BLUEWitty 10230-003 SUNSHINEWitty 10230-008 TANWitty 10230-009 SILVERWitty 10230-019 COAL
  5. Jaunty


    This textured pin stripe is characteristic of Angelo Donghia's suiting style. Learn More
    Jaunty 10227-008 WHISKEYJaunty 10227-009 MARTINIJaunty 10227-019 SAMBUCA
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