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  1. FLIRT


    Flirt is a large scale graphic pattern depicting magnetized bamboo shoots that intersect, providing a wrapped and bonded abstract image. Learn More
    Flirt 10225-009 BOLD BLACKFlirt 10225-010 WINK WHITEFlirt 10225-019 SASSY SILVERFlirt 10225-003 GIGGLE GOLD
  2. Lovely


    This linen sheer epitomizes grace. It's fresh and airy impression is supported by its five colorways and double width. Easily railroaded, this horizontal stripe can be used in a variety of applications. Learn More
    Lovely 10231-002 BLUELovely 10231-006 PINKLovely 10231-008 TANLovely 10231-009 COALLovely 10231-010 WHITE
  3. Twist


    Twist is an &ViceVersa archival pattern that dances through this spirited collection. The herringbone pattern twists with the yarns resulting in an energetic animated appearance. Learn More
    Twist 10223-008 SILVER-SANDTwist 10223-009 PEWTER-GREYTwist 10223-010 PEARL-CREAMTwist 10223-019 WHITE-BLACK
  4. Beguile


    Beguile is a clever thin stripe with a hypnotizing effect. Composed of 100% cotton this mesmerizing stripe is enhanced by a satin weave. Learn More
    Beguile 10229-002 BLUEBeguile 10229-006 PINKBeguile 10229-008 TANBeguile 10229-009 SILVERBeguile 10229-010 WHITEBeguile 10229-019 GREYBeguile 10229-029 COAL
  5. Grace


    Delicate and sophisticated, Grace is a large scale paisley available exclusively in two angelic colors. Grace is sold by the yard, not the repeat so please take this into consideration when placing orders. Shown railroaded. Learn More
    Grace 10234-008 NATURALGrace 10234-010 WHITE
  6. Jaunty


    This textured pin stripe is characteristic of Angelo Donghia's suiting style. Learn More
    Jaunty 10227-008 WHISKEYJaunty 10227-009 MARTINIJaunty 10227-019 SAMBUCA
  7. Cherish


    Cherish evokes comfort. The essential cozy textile, Cherish is welcoming, relaxed and plush; perfect for any application. Learn More
    Cherish 10232-002 SKYCherish 10232-006 PINKCherish 10232-008 TANCherish 10232-009 SILVERCherish 10232-010 BEIGECherish 10232-018 MINKCherish 10232-019 COALCherish 10232-028 BROWN
  8. Shine


    Shine is composed of 100% Trevira CS and exhibits a strie finish that creates color variations, adding to the distinct beauty of this printed textile. Learn More
    Shine 10224-001 CHERRYShine 10224-004 SPRIGShine 10224-007 VIOLETShine 10224-008 SANDShine 10224-009 SILVERShine 10224-010 SNOWShine 10224-012 SEAShine 10224-014 LEAFShine 10224-018 GINGERShine 10224-019 STONEShine 10224-020 SHELLShine 10224-022 TURQUOISEShine 10224-024 PINEShine 10224-032 OCEAN
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