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  1. Juliet


    Interpreted as a classic damask pattern in the most luxurious of alpaca and wool qualities, Juliet has an unbelievable touch and drape. Learn More
    Juliet 10110-002 BLUE BELLJuliet 10110-003 CITRINEJuliet 10110-004 EMERALDJuliet 10110-005 RUSTJuliet 10110-029 ONYX
  2. Splash


    Splash is a plush chenille that feels like the most luxurious beach towels. Woven entirely from Sunbrella yarns, Splash is a solid available in a wide range of colorways. Learn More
    Splash 10119-001 SEA HIBISCUSSplash 10119-002 BLUEFISHSplash 10119-003 SEA SPONGESplash 10119-004 MANGROVESplash 10119-005 BRITTLE STARSplash 10119-006 PINK LINGSplash 10119-008 SEDGESplash 10119-009 ABYSSSplash 10119-010 SCALLOPSplash 10119-011 ROCKLINGSplash 10119-012 LAGOONSplash 10119-014 SEA LETTUCESplash 10119-018 WATER HYACINTHSplash 10119-022 MARLINSplash 10119-024 LILY PADSplash 10119-028 ROCKWEEDSplash 10119-034 CYPRESSSplash 10119-038 DUNE
  3. Bowles


    Bowles is an all-over, intricate, geometric pattern with the look and feel of hand embroidery. Learn More
    Bowles 10105-007 Bowles 10105-013 CARAMEL
  4. Jest


    Jest is a tunnel-weave, linen textile that has a dry, matte hand. Jest is available in a range of saturated color ways. Learn More
    Jest 10099-001 CHERRYJest 10099-002 INDIGOJest 10099-003 MAIZEJest 10099-004 LIMEJest 10099-005 CAYENNEJest 10099-008 NATURALJest 10099-009 CHARCOALJest 10099-018 BROWNJest 10099-028 BARLEY
  5. Network


    Inspired from fishing nets, Network's sturdy construction and strong color palette make this casement suitable for a wide variety of design vocabularies. Learn More
    Network 10115-002 INDIGONetwork 10115-003 GOLDENNetwork 10115-004 LIMENetwork 10115-008 CEMENTNetwork 10115-010 CREAMNetwork 10115-018 RUM RAISIN
  6. Blixen


    Blixen is a 100% cotton stripe with prominent color combinations. The simplicity of the pattern provides extreme versatility, allowing the fabric to be used as a traditional ticking stripe or as a modern motif of striking color combinations. Learn More
  7. Ikat


    100 % cotton jacquard, Ikat is woven in a manner to mimic the true ikat technique. This textile is available in a beautiful, modern palette of colorways, and is perfect for traditional or eclectic interiors. Learn More
    Ikat 10096-001 SHANGHIA - SCARLETIkat 10096-002 BOMBAY - BLUEIkat 10096-003 GENOA - GOLDIkat 10096-004 GUADALAJARA - GREENIkat 10096-006 PRAGUE - PINKIkat 10096-008 BEIJING - BROWNIkat 10096-009 SANTA CRUZ - SILVERIkat 10096-010 BUTWAL - BEIGE
  8. Fisherman's Warp

    Fisherman's Warp

    This unique material combination of linen, polyester, and glass, allows Fishermans Warp to exude a bit of reflective glimmer when light is captured in just the right way. Learn More
    Fisherman's Warp 10111-008 NATURALFisherman's Warp 10111-010 BLEACHEDFisherman's Warp 10111-018 NATURAL/BLEACHED
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