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  1. Cobble Hill

    Cobble Hill

    Cobble Hill is a multi-pleated textile with a horizontal pattern and great texture. Learn More
    Cobble Hill 10071-002 SKY BLUECobble Hill 10071-003 YELLOWCobble Hill 10071-004 LIGHT GREENCobble Hill 10071-005 ORANGECobble Hill 10071-008 SANDCobble Hill 10071-009 GRAYCobble Hill 10071-010 BONECobble Hill 10071-012 INDIGOCobble Hill 10071-013 GOLDCobble Hill 10071-018 BROWNCobble Hill 10071-022 NAVYCobble Hill 10071-024 FOREST
  2. Big Island

    Big Island

    Big Island is a large scale patterned, outdoor textile made from Sunbrella yarns. Inspired by Hawaiian motifs and colors, this pattern is available in a variety of colorways. Learn More
    Big Island 10076-002 BLUEBig Island 10076-003 YELLOWBig Island 10076-004 LIGHT GREENBig Island 10076-008 BEIGEBig Island 10076-009 blackBig Island 10076-014 GREEN/BLUE
  3. Nemo


    Donghia's durable jacquard, Nemo, has a sophisticated and unique, underwater botanical pattern. The intricate weave of Nemo's seaweed inspired motif, exudes a sense of graceful movement and adds a three dimensional quality to this textile. Learn More
    Nemo 10080-001 REEF-REDNemo 10080-002 DEEP SEA-BLUENemo 10080-003 SHIPWRECK-GOLDNemo 10080-004 SEAWEED-GREENNemo 10080-008 BARNACLE-BROWNNemo 10080-010 OYSTER-OFF WHITENemo 10080-013 GOLDFISH-GOLDNemo 10080-020 ABALONE-CREAM/BLUE
  4. Lanai


    Lanai, part of Donghia's ALOHA collection is a solid basecloth made from 100% Sunbrella solution dyed acrylic, available in a wide range of distinctively tropical colors. Learn More
    Lanai 10075-001 redLanai 10075-002 LIGHT BLUELanai 10075-003 YELLOWLanai 10075-004 LIGHT GREENLanai 10075-006 PINKLanai 10075-008 WHEATLanai 10075-009 blackLanai 10075-010 WHITELanai 10075-011 RUSTLanai 10075-012 BLUELanai 10075-014 SAGELanai 10075-018 BROWNLanai 10075-020 CREAMLanai 10075-024 greenLanai 10075-028 DARK BROWNLanai 10075-038 MEDIUM BROWNLanai 10075-005 ORANGE
  5. Oahu


    Oahu, part of Donghia's outdoor textile ALOHA collection is a large scale pattern with a tropical feel. Made with 100% Sunbrella solution dyed acrylic, Oahu is available in a wide range of bright colors. Learn More
    Oahu 10079-002 LIGHT BLUEOahu 10079-004 LIGHT GREEN-WHITEOahu 10079-008 MEDIUM BROWN-WHITEOahu 10079-009 BLACK-WHITEOahu 10079-012 BLUE-WHITEOahu 10079-014 SAGE-WHITEOahu 10079-018 BROWN-WHITEOahu 10079-022 LIGHT BLUE-BLUEOahu 10079-038 DARK BROWN-WHITE
  6. Labyrinth


    The damask motif of Labryinth is a modern interpretation from an antique textile. Available in an extraordinary range of colors with tone on tone shading, Labryinth's full body and drape make it an exciting addition to any installation. Learn More
    Labyrinth 10082-001 MISS SCARLETLabyrinth 10082-002 MRS PEACOCKLabyrinth 10082-003 COLONEL MUSTARDLabyrinth 10082-004 MR GREENLabyrinth 10082-005 MR PEACHLabyrinth 10082-007 PROFESSOR PLUMLabyrinth 10082-008 M BRUNETTELabyrinth 10082-009 MR BODDY GRAYLabyrinth 10082-010 MRS WHITELabyrinth 10082-019 SERGEANT GRAYLabyrinth 10082-020 WENDY WHITE
  7. Kauai


    Kauai is a part of Donghia's Aloha outdoor textile collection made entirely from Sunbrella Learn More
    Kauai 10077-001 RED-WHITEKauai 10077-002 LIGHT BLUE-WHITEKauai 10077-003 YELLOW-WHITEKauai 10077-004 LIGHT GREEN-WHITEKauai 10077-006 PINK-WHITEKauai 10077-008 WHEAT-WHITEKauai 10077-009 BLACK-WHITEKauai 10077-011 RED-RUSTKauai 10077-012 BLUE-WHITEKauai 10077-014 SAGE-WHITEKauai 10077-018 BROWN-WHITEKauai 10077-022 LIGHT BLUE-BLUEKauai 10077-028 MEDIUM BROWN-WHITEKauai 10077-038 DARK BROWN-WHITEKauai 10077-042 LIGHT BLUELIGHTGREEN
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