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  1. Great Lash

    Great Lash

    Offered in an array of colors, the tone on tone vertical stripes, self-fringe and fluid drape of Great Lash make it the perfect window dressing. Learn More
    Great Lash 10056-001 FLUSHED-REDGreat Lash 10056-002 BIG BLUE-LIGHT BLUEGreat Lash 10056-005 BRONZED-GOLDGreat Lash 10056-008 SKINLIGHT-BEIGEGreat Lash 10056-009 SMOKEY-CHARCOALGreat Lash 10056-010 BLIZZARD-WHITEGreat Lash 10056-028 COFFEE-DARK BROWN
  2. Antoinette


    Antoinette is a classic solid satin available in a wide variety of colors. A contrasting color cotton woven on the reverse side provides greater stability and versatility to this textile. Learn More
    Antoinette 10047-001 RUBYAntoinette 10047-002 ACQUAMARINEAntoinette 10047-003 CITRINEAntoinette 10047-004 TOURMALINEAntoinette 10047-006 GARNETAntoinette 10047-007 SPINELAntoinette 10047-008 TOPAZAntoinette 10047-009 PEARLAntoinette 10047-010 DIAMONDAntoinette 10047-012 LAPISAntoinette 10047-013 PYRITEAntoinette 10047-014 PERIDOTAntoinette 10047-017 AMETHYSTAntoinette 10047-018 COPPERAntoinette 10047-019 ZIRCONAntoinette 10047-020 IVORYAntoinette 10047-022 TANZANITEAntoinette 10047-023 AMBERAntoinette 10047-024 MALACHITEAntoinette 10047-028 TIGER'S EYEAntoinette 10047-029 BLACK PEARLAntoinette 10047-030 QUARTZAntoinette 10047-033 OCHREAntoinette 10047-039 OBSIDIAN
  3. Tamal


    Tamal, part of Donghia's outdoor textile, Fiesta Collection, is a variegated stripe interrupted by stations of small flowers and embroidery- like squiggles. Learn More
  4. Vapor Trail

    Vapor Trail

    Vapor Trail is a casement woven of the finest Belgian linen. The irregular striped pattern of Vapor Trail created through a technique called space dying. Learn More
    Vapor Trail 10042-002 INDIGOVapor Trail 10042-003 HONEYVapor Trail 10042-004 CITRUSVapor Trail 10042-008 MULBERRYVapor Trail 10042-009 ONYX
  5. Souk Stripe

    Souk Stripe

    Souk Stripe is a refined, multi-colored vertical stripe woven of 100% cotton- a modern update of classic ticking stripes. Souk Stripe is available in a wide range of bold eye catching colors in a striking juxtaposition of pattern and color. Learn More
    Souk Stripe 10069-001 redSouk Stripe 10069-002 ROYAL BLUESouk Stripe 10069-003 CITRUS YELLOWSouk Stripe 10069-004 LODEN GREENSouk Stripe 10069-005 TANGERINESouk Stripe 10069-007 MAGENTASouk Stripe 10069-011 POMEGRANATESouk Stripe 10069-013 GOLDSouk Stripe 10069-015 MANGOSouk Stripe 10069-018 BROWN
  6. Pinata


    Pinata is a coordinating solid in Donghia's outdoor Fiesta Collection. Available in a range of bold and vibrant hues, this textile will add color to any outdoor or indoor space. Learn More
    Pinata 10052-002 CIELO-BLUEPinata 10052-003 AMARILLO-YELLOWPinata 10052-004 PERA-GREENPinata 10052-008 MARRON-TANPinata 10052-010 AZUCAR-WHITEPinata 10052-012 AZUL-BLUEPinata 10052-018 CACAO-BROWNPinata 10052-019 HUMO-DARK GRAYPinata 10052-020 CREMA-CREAMPinata 10052-024 TURQUESA-TURQUOISEPinata 10052-028 CAFE-DARK BROWN
  7. Gatsby


    Suitable for countless decorative uses, Gatsby is the ultimate seersucker for the interior. Learn More
    Gatsby 10040-004
  8. Morgane


    Featuring a romantic, damask-like pattern, Morgane is a chenille that possesses a more luxurious look than your typical tapestry. The motif creates a subtle tone-on-tone effect that offers the look and feel of antique textiles. Learn More
    Morgane 10046-001 TOMATO REDMorgane 10046-003 HONEY GOLDMorgane 10046-004 CELERYMorgane 10046-010 OATMorgane 10046-013 FLAXENMorgane 10046-014 FENNELMorgane 10046-018 CHESTNUTMorgane 10046-024 SAGEMorgane 10046-034 PEARMorgane 10046-044 MOSS
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