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  1. Shimmer


    Shimmer is a 100% linen metallic scrim woven from the finest Belgian linen. The light sparkle of color on the surface of the sheer linen almost disappears in the light yet produces just a subtle shine and shimmer as it catches the light. Learn More
    Shimmer 10029-003 GOLDShimmer 10029-009 SILVER
  2. Amirah


    Amirah is a 100% linen jacquard damask with a majestically over-scaled design. The textile is a flexible addition to any interior with its dry surface, substantial weight, and palette of refined colorways. Learn More
    Amirah 10039-001
  3. Sashiko


    Sashiko is a wonderful upholstery and decorative fabric that recalls an ancient craft. The color palette of this woven jacquard has been expanded beyond traditional indigo colors to include bright hues and more subdued combinations of naturals and darks. Learn More
    Sashiko 10031-020 ENOKISashiko 10031-021 NASUSashiko 10031-022 NORISashiko 10031-028 KURISashiko 10031-030 OSHINKOSashiko 10031-038 KONBUSashiko 10031-040 HAMASashiko 10031-048 KANISashiko 10031-001 KABOCHASashiko 10031-002 SORASashiko 10031-003 TOMAGOSashiko 10031-004 MACHYASashiko 10031-005 KAKISashiko 10031-006 AIKOSashiko 10031-007 FUJISashiko 10031-008 MAKISashiko 10031-010 MUGISashiko 10031-012 KAZESashiko 10031-014 MATSUSashiko 10031-018 SHITAKE
  4. Debutante


    An original basic enhanced with a new color palette, Debutante is a silk and linen taffeta that exudes an easy elegance with its full body and crisp hand. It can be used in casual settings or as a beautiful drape. Learn More
    Debutante 10032-002 BIRDIE-SKY BLUEDebutante 10032-003 MUFFIN-GOLDDebutante 10032-004 GRACE-LIGHT GREENDebutante 10032-007 BUNNY-LAVENDERDebutante 10032-008 ADALAIDE-BEIGEDebutante 10032-010 PEARL-WHITEDebutante 10032-014 MAUREEN-GREENDebutante 10032-018 ESTHER-SANDDebutante 10032-020 LOUISE-CREAMDebutante 10032-022 SADIE - BLUEDebutante 10032-028 EDITH-LIGHT BROWNDebutante 10032-032 CLAIRE-GRAY BLUEDebutante 10032-042 HELEN-NAVYDebutante 10032-044 BESSIE-OLIVE GREENDebutante 10032-048 ABIGAIL-DARK BROWN
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