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  • Fireworks


    Fireworks F1020-0BD DELPHINIUMFireworks F1020-00B BLUE ON WHITEFireworks F1020-00D CUPCAKE PINKFireworks F1020-00E BLACK ON OFF WHITEFireworks F1020-00R RED ON WHITE

    COLOR: .

    ITEM # F1020

    Albert Hadley collaborated with Harry Hinson in 2001 to create a collection encompassing light hearted hand printed textiles and wallcoverings. Fireworks is single screen print that represents sparklers. A crown jewel of our collection, Fireworks is a beloved and widely celebrated textile.

  • Laser Scrim

    Laser Scrim

    Laser Scrim 10013-004 OLIVINELaser Scrim 10013-010 SODIUM

    COLOR: .

    ITEM # 10013

    Laser Scrim is made of 100% polyester drapery sheer that has been coated on the reverse with stainless steel, giving it a metallic, shimmering effect on the reverse with a matte metallic on the face. The steel finish also reduces the amount of UV rays transmitted through the window, in turn reducing fading of home furnishing and fabrics.

  • Casino


    Casino 10025-002 STARDUSTCasino 10025-003 SANDSCasino 10025-004 MIRAGECasino 10025-005 TROPICANACasino 10025-012 LUXORCasino 10025-018 DESERT INN

    COLOR: .

    ITEM # 10025

    The innovative color palette and dynamic pattern of Casino offers a fresh take on small scale novelty jacquard design. The weave structure suggests the look and feel of a hand-embroidery or needlepoint. Available in numerous colorways, Casino can be used as an upholstery or decorative fabric.

  • Serengeti


    Serengeti 10021-003 GIRAFFESerengeti 10021-005 LIONESSSerengeti 10021-008 GAZELLESerengeti 10021-009 OSTRICHSerengeti 10021-010 OKAPISerengeti 10021-018 ANTELOPESerengeti 10021-019 ELEPHANTSerengeti 10021-020 IMPALA

    COLOR: .

    ITEM # 10021

    Serengeti is a basic, solid with subtle heathering. Part of Donghia's outdoor Totem Collection, Serengeti is made of Sunbrella all weather solution-dyed acrylic.

  • Onde


    Onde 10016-002 SPRAYOnde 10016-003 DUNEOnde 10016-005 CORALOnde 10016-006 JELLYFISHOnde 10016-009 DUNGENESSOnde 10016-010 PEARLOnde 10016-014 ALGAEOnde 10016-015 STARFISHOnde 10016-017 ANEMONEOnde 10016-019 MOLLUSKOnde 10016-022 EDDYOnde 10016-024 COCKLEOnde 10016-042 ABALONE

    COLOR: .

    ITEM # 10016

    Donghia's Onde matelass' elevates the genre of traditional matelass' with its contemporary motif and luscious color palette. Onde is perfect for many applications- from heavy duty upholstery, to drapery and decorative uses

  • Espadrille


    Espadrille 10018-010 ST TROPEZEspadrille 10018-013 CANNESEspadrille 10018-014 ISOLETTAEspadrille 10018-018 ST.JEAN CAP-FERRATEspadrille 10018-003 BEAUSOLEILEspadrille 10018-004 MONACOEspadrille 10018-005 NICEEspadrille 10018-008 MONTE CARLOEspadrille 10018-024 ANTIBESEspadrille 10018-028 CAP MARTINEspadrille 10018-038 PORT GRIMAUD

    COLOR: .

    ITEM # 10018

    Espadrille is a hand woven textile with a colorful pattern. Espadrille can be used for upholstery, drapery, or decorative purposes adding a bit of relaxed sophistication to any installation.

  • Basket Case

    Basket Case

    Basket Case 10011-001 redBasket Case 10011-002 BLUEBasket Case 10011-004 MINTBasket Case 10011-007 LAVENDERBasket Case 10011-009 LIGHT GRAYBasket Case 10011-010 CREAMBasket Case 10011-013 BUTTERBasket Case 10011-017 PLUMBasket Case 10011-019 MEDIUM GRAYBasket Case 10011-024 MOSSBasket Case 10011-029 DARK GRAYBasket Case 10011-034 THISTLEBasket Case 10011-048 SANDBasket Case 10011-058 COFFEEBasket Case 10011-014 AQUAMARINEBasket Case 10011-028 ARTICHOKE

    COLOR: .

    ITEM # 10011

    Basket Case is a small-scale jacquard patterned 100% mohair. Woven in a basket weave pattern, this textile is extremely durable and contract rated.

  • Meru


    Meru 10023-003 KILIMANJAROMeru 10023-005 ABERDAREMeru 10023-008 ANALUMeru 10023-010 KENYAMeru 10023-018 LAGEDA

    COLOR: .

    ITEM # 10023

    Meru is a versatile outdoor textile that can be used as a bamboo look-alike or as an abstract textural pattern. Part of Donghia's Totem Collection, Meru is made entirely of Sunbrella yarns- providing this textile with all of the qualities desired from an outdoor fabric.

  • Nairobi


    Nairobi 10019-002 WANDOONairobi 10019-003 TAMARINDNairobi 10019-008 BREADFRUITNairobi 10019-009 CYPRESS

    COLOR: .

    ITEM # 10019

    The multi-colored variegated striations of Nairobi give this textile a very natural, textured appearance. Part of Donghia's outdoor textile Totem Collection, Nairobi is made entirely of Sunbrella.

  • Zambezi


    Zambezi 10020-004 ROKARIZambezi 10020-005 CHIRUNDUZambezi 10020-008 MATUSADONAZambezi 10020-009 KARIBAZambezi 10020-018 CHOBEZambezi 10020-028 BUMIZambezi 10020-038 MATOBO

    COLOR: .

    ITEM # 10020

    Zambezi, part of Donghia's outdoor textile Totem collection can be used as a tropical addition to an outdoor setting, but is also modern enough to serve as an abstract textural pattern. Woven from stain and mildew resistant Sunbrella yarns, Zambezi has an innovative finish which provides it with the hand and drape of the finest indoor textiles.

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