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  1. Flute Stripe

    Flute Stripe

    100 % cotton, Flute Stripe has the strength of polyester, softness of silk, and the drape of vintage cotton-silk blends. The color palette is fresh and modern. Learn More
    Flute Stripe 07001-004
  2. Station Stripe

    Station Stripe

    Station Stripe is a bold stripe embellished with clusters of chenille, a variety of weaves and metallic threading creating a casual yet elegant textile. Learn More
    Station Stripe 05935-001 CARNELIANStation Stripe 05935-002 LAPISStation Stripe 05935-003 BRASSStation Stripe 05935-004 PATINAStation Stripe 05935-008 BONEStation Stripe 05935-014 JADE
  3. Spectrum


    Spectrum, is a vibrant silk taffeta with a brilliant sheen. Spectrum's wide bands of horizontal stripes are formed by three tonal hues that are available in a diverse range of colors. Learn More
    Spectrum 04715-001 FLAMBEAU REDSpectrum 04715-003 HALO GOLDSpectrum 04715-007 ULTRAVIOLET PURPLESpectrum 04715-008 GLOSS TAN
  4. Summer Squall Stripe

    Summer Squall Stripe

    Summer Squall Stripe features contrasting bands of linen boucle which complement its airy rows of transparent linen. Designed with a hint of formality, in an array of neutral colors, it layers handsomely with various casement applications. Learn More
    Summer Squall Stripe 00383-003 GOLDENSummer Squall Stripe 00383-008 OATMEALSummer Squall Stripe 00383-010 ECRUSummer Squall Stripe 00383-018 LINEN
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