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  1. NYC


    Named for its jacquard patterning which suggests a grid-like map of city blocks, this stunning velvet is alive with New Yorks energy and light. Cut pile and uncut loops of viscose create captivating surface texture, tonal color shifts and stimulating high/low relief. The voided background, in a herringbone weave, is lightly peppered with metallic yarn. The impact is high style and head-turning glamour for upholstery use. Viscose/Poly/Polyamide construction. Learn More
    Nyc 10325-002 AQUANyc 10325-008 SANDNyc 10325-009 SILVERNyc 10325-010 CREAMNyc 10325-012 SLATENyc 10325-019 CHARCOAL
  2. Nevins


    The chevron patterning of this useful basic has been softened by a clever distressed effect in the weave. The result is a practical textile which readily travels between styles while mixing and matching with ease. Mid-weight. Viscose, Poly, Linen construction. In 11 colors. Learn More
    Nevins 42012-001 CREAMNevins 42012-002 TAUPENevins 42012-003 BROWNNevins 42012-004 GREYNevins 42012-005 AQUANevins 42012-006 TURQUOISENevins 42012-007 GREENNevins 42012-008 PEACHNevins 42012-009 redNevins 42012-010 BLUENevins 42012-011 black


    "Uptown" silk-blend solid serves as the base for this design of quick, spirited brushstrokes. Using paintbrush and a loosely set pattern, artisans literally paint each yard entirely by hand. The result is a true work of art, ready for multi-purpose use. No two yards are exactly alike. In a world of machine-made everything, "Downtown" reminds us that the work of the human hand is as desirable and magical as ever. Metallic pigment paint on silk/viscose/linen. Learn More
    Downtown 10315-008 GOLD/CHARCOALDowntown 10315-009 SILVERDowntown 10315-010 SILVER/GOLDDowntown 10315-019 CHARCOALDowntown 10315-020 GOLD


    Rhythmic waves of triangular shapes ripple across the surface of this mid-weight, multi-purpose fabric. The weave structure cleverly mimics needlepoint, while the graphic patterning is at once subtly ethnic and thoroughly modern. Rayon/nylon construction is both soft and durable. Learn More
    Parade 10328-001 redParade 10328-002 AQUAParade 10328-008 SANDParade 10328-009 GREYParade 10328-010 CREAMParade 10328-012 BLUEParade 10328-018 TAUPEParade 10328-019 CHARCOALParade 10328-029 black


    Contemporary jacquard velvet patterns, "Skyline" and "Gridlock", feature an intriguing combination of fibers. Wool, viscose and poly have been spun together to make a sumptuous yarn quality with a melange (tonal) effect. The resulting velvet pile, woolen in appearance, is both soft and durable. Skyline is a graphic, jagged stripe. Gridlock is a small-scale windowpane or grid. Both are endlessly useful foundations for upholstery and have been designed to work together, each matching the other, perfectly. Learn More
    Skyline 10326-001 redSkyline 10326-002 AQUASkyline 10326-004 MINERALSkyline 10326-008 TANSkyline 10326-009 GREYSkyline 10326-010 CREAMSkyline 10326-012 NAVYSkyline 10326-018 TOBACCOSkyline 10326-019 DOVESkyline 10326-029 CHARCOAL


    This chenille texture captures the magic of a starry evening sky. The weave employs a surprising yarn made of reflective sequins. The sequins are virtually invisible until theyre hit with light which prompts them to twinkle and flash to romantic, truly dazzling, effect. Perfect for upholstery or sumptuous curtains, "Starlight" is chenille with inherent star power. Rayon/poly construction. Learn More
    Starlight 10323-002 AQUAStarlight 10323-004 FERNStarlight 10323-008 SANDStarlight 10323-009 CHARCOALStarlight 10323-010 whiteStarlight 10323-012 SLATEStarlight 10323-018 TOBACCOStarlight 10323-019 blackStarlight 10323-020 SNOWStarlight 10323-022 NAVY


    This windowpane plaid, a nod to classic mens suiting, has been interpreted in luxurious jacquard velvet with a dash of the unexpected. Within each windowpane/grid are pinstripes of luminous, contrasting color. Crosstown enlivens the well-tailored look, making it both timely and timeless. The plush pile is a super-soft blend of cotton and viscose. Learn More
    Crosstown 10329-001 redCrosstown 10329-002 AQUACrosstown 10329-004 EMERALDCrosstown 10329-008 TAUPECrosstown 10329-009 DOVECrosstown 10329-010 whiteCrosstown 10329-012 NAVYCrosstown 10329-019 GREY


    As its name suggests, "Uptown" evokes the handsome, polished living rooms of New Yorks tony Upper East Side. Its dapper drape and sophisticated sheen are multi-purpose magic. The unique weave structure of this mid-weight solid combines silk, viscose and linen for the perfect marriage of glow and texture. Learn More
    Uptown 10314-001 RASPBERRYUptown 10314-002 AQUAUptown 10314-004 CELERYUptown 10314-005 APRICOTUptown 10314-008 LINENUptown 10314-009 DOVEUptown 10314-010 CREAMUptown 10314-012 NAVYUptown 10314-014 EMERALDUptown 10314-015 PEACHUptown 10314-018 BEIGEUptown 10314-019 GREYUptown 10314-020 BUTTER CREAMUptown 10314-025 CORALUptown 10314-028 CAMELUptown 10314-029 CHARCOALUptown 10314-038 TOBACCO
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