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  • Fireworks


    Fireworks F1020-0BD DELPHINIUMFireworks F1020-00B BLUE ON WHITEFireworks F1020-00D CUPCAKE PINKFireworks F1020-00E BLACK ON OFF WHITEFireworks F1020-00R RED ON WHITE

    COLOR: .

    ITEM # F1020

    Albert Hadley collaborated with Harry Hinson in 2001 to create a collection encompassing light hearted hand printed textiles and wallcoverings. Fireworks is single screen print that represents sparklers. A crown jewel of our collection, Fireworks is a beloved and widely celebrated textile.

  • Basket Case

    Basket Case

    Basket Case 10011-001 redBasket Case 10011-002 BLUEBasket Case 10011-004 MINTBasket Case 10011-007 LAVENDERBasket Case 10011-009 LIGHT GRAYBasket Case 10011-010 CREAMBasket Case 10011-013 BUTTERBasket Case 10011-017 PLUMBasket Case 10011-019 MEDIUM GRAYBasket Case 10011-024 MOSSBasket Case 10011-029 DARK GRAYBasket Case 10011-034 THISTLEBasket Case 10011-048 SANDBasket Case 10011-058 COFFEEBasket Case 10011-014 AQUAMARINEBasket Case 10011-028 ARTICHOKE

    COLOR: .

    ITEM # 10011

    Basket Case is a small-scale jacquard patterned 100% mohair. Woven in a basket weave pattern, this textile is extremely durable and contract rated.

  • Espadrille


    Espadrille 10018-010 ST TROPEZEspadrille 10018-013 CANNESEspadrille 10018-014 ISOLETTAEspadrille 10018-018 ST.JEAN CAP-FERRATEspadrille 10018-003 BEAUSOLEILEspadrille 10018-004 MONACOEspadrille 10018-005 NICEEspadrille 10018-008 MONTE CARLOEspadrille 10018-024 ANTIBESEspadrille 10018-028 CAP MARTINEspadrille 10018-038 PORT GRIMAUD

    COLOR: .

    ITEM # 10018

    Espadrille is a hand woven textile with a colorful pattern. Espadrille can be used for upholstery, drapery, or decorative purposes adding a bit of relaxed sophistication to any installation.

  • Onde


    Onde 10016-002 SPRAYOnde 10016-003 DUNEOnde 10016-005 CORALOnde 10016-006 JELLYFISHOnde 10016-009 DUNGENESSOnde 10016-010 PEARLOnde 10016-014 ALGAEOnde 10016-015 STARFISHOnde 10016-017 ANEMONEOnde 10016-019 MOLLUSKOnde 10016-022 EDDYOnde 10016-024 COCKLEOnde 10016-042 ABALONE

    COLOR: .

    ITEM # 10016

    Donghia's Onde matelass' elevates the genre of traditional matelass' with its contemporary motif and luscious color palette. Onde is perfect for many applications- from heavy duty upholstery, to drapery and decorative uses

  • Casino


    Casino 10025-002 STARDUSTCasino 10025-003 SANDSCasino 10025-004 MIRAGECasino 10025-005 TROPICANACasino 10025-012 LUXORCasino 10025-018 DESERT INN

    COLOR: .

    ITEM # 10025

    The innovative color palette and dynamic pattern of Casino offers a fresh take on small scale novelty jacquard design. The weave structure suggests the look and feel of a hand-embroidery or needlepoint. Available in numerous colorways, Casino can be used as an upholstery or decorative fabric.

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