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  1. Calcite


    A drier looking textile, two-toned fibers are woven to create a shadow effect of soft contrasting colors in Calcite. Calcite is woven domestically with superb durability. Learn More
    Calcite 10293-002 SKYCalcite 10293-003 SUNCalcite 10293-004 GREENCalcite 10293-005 ORANGECalcite 10293-009 ASHCalcite 10293-010 WHITECalcite 10293-012 BLUECalcite 10293-019 GREYCalcite 10293-020 CREAMCalcite 10293-022 DENIM
  2. ARID


    Arid's non-washed crisp and polished weave showcase the casual perfection of 100% linen. Arid is a tightly spun small patterned linen, facilitating the dense feeling of its weave. Learn More
    Arid 10307-001 redArid 10307-002 SKYArid 10307-003 SUNSHINEArid 10307-004 SPRINGArid 10307-006 BLUSHArid 10307-007 EGGPLANTArid 10307-008 NATURALArid 10307-009 GREYArid 10307-010 CREAMArid 10307-012 BLUEArid 10307-018 TANArid 10307-019 STONEArid 10307-022 DENIMArid 10307-028 BROWNArid 10307-032 NAVY
  3. Carnival


    A delightful yet durable foundation for any room, "Carnival" is an updated take on herringbone. Wool takes center stage in this weighty multi-fiber construction, perfectly suited to high-use applications. Specially made yarns feature flecks of unexpected colors which dapple across the goods. A refreshing and timely expression of a classic type of weave. In 5 colors. Learn More
    Carnival 42008-001 redCarnival 42008-002 BROWNCarnival 42008-003 GREENCarnival 42008-004 BLUECarnival 42008-005 BLACK
  4. Jack Rabbit

    Jack Rabbit

    A contemporary take on Donghia's legacy flannel, Jack Rabbit consists of 100% wool tightly woven with a subtle twill. Jack Rabbit has the strongest depth of detail that Donghia's basics have to offer. Learn More
    Jack Rabbit 10302-002 SKYJack Rabbit 10302-004 MISTJack Rabbit 10302-005 RUSTJack Rabbit 10302-008 CAMELJack Rabbit 10302-009 ASHJack Rabbit 10302-010 IVORYJack Rabbit 10302-012 BLUEJack Rabbit 10302-014 FORESTJack Rabbit 10302-019 STONEJack Rabbit 10302-020 CREAMJack Rabbit 10302-029 GREYJack Rabbit 10302-039 COAL


    Yarns of varied type and thickness work together in this dimensional weave, perfect for upholstery. Soft chenille and loopy boucle ripple through the weft, creating a high-low surface. The effect is stimulating to the eye and super soft to the touch. Another beautiful and useful foundation. Cotton and rayon. In 10 colors. Learn More
    Jubilee 42005-001 CREAMJubilee 42005-002 OYSTERJubilee 42005-003 TANJubilee 42005-004 BROWNJubilee 42005-005 CAMELJubilee 42005-006 LIGHT GREENJubilee 42005-007 GREENJubilee 42005-008 GREYJubilee 42005-009 AQUAJubilee 42005-010 BLUE
  6. Falcon


    A basic textile with a refined twist, Falcon is woven with a dry hand, producing sheen when light touches. Learn More
    Falcon 10296-001 RUSTFalcon 10296-002 SKYFalcon 10296-003 SUNFalcon 10296-005 SANDFalcon 10296-006 PINKFalcon 10296-007 PURPLEFalcon 10296-008 BROWNFalcon 10296-009 LIGHT GREYFalcon 10296-010 IVORYFalcon 10296-012 BLUEFalcon 10296-018 ESPRESSOFalcon 10296-019 STONEFalcon 10296-020 CREAMFalcon 10296-022 INDIGOFalcon 10296-029 ASH
  7. Fossil Reversible

    Fossil Reversible

    Inspired by fossilized botanicals of the desert, the Fossil Reversible jacquard casts light and dark impressions on opposite sides making a lasting statement for any space. Learn More
    Fossil Reversible 10308-001 redFossil Reversible 10308-002 NAVYFossil Reversible 10308-004 MINTFossil Reversible 10308-009 SILVERFossil Reversible 10308-010 WHITEFossil Reversible 10308-019 CHARCOAL
  8. Oasis


    Warmed with a soft sheen, Oasis is woven with multi-colored twisting yarns and is unique in that there is no absolute pattern. Learn More
    Oasis 10304-002 SKYOasis 10304-004 MISTOasis 10304-008 CARAMELOasis 10304-009 ASHOasis 10304-010 CREAMOasis 10304-012 BLUEOasis 10304-014 GREENOasis 10304-018 CAMELOasis 10304-019 GREY
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