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  1. Frolic


    Frolic is a lively drapery weight textile digitally printed with a chintz finish. The glazed surface enhances its playful watercolor aesthetic. Learn More
    Frolic 10228-004 GRASS
  2. Gleam


    Specifically designed for high traffic areas, Gleam takes on a new role with its subtle texture and slight twinkle. Learn More
    Gleam 10222-004 SPRIGGleam 10222-007 RAISINGleam 10222-014 SAGE
  3. Astonish


    Astonish is a stylish chenille that is both durable and refined. Learn More
    Astonish 10233-004 MIST
  4. Shine


    Shine is composed of 100% Trevira CS and exhibits a strie finish that creates color variations, adding to the distinct beauty of this printed textile. Learn More
    Shine 10224-004 SPRIGShine 10224-007 VIOLETShine 10224-014 LEAFShine 10224-024 PINE
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