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  • Mykonos


    Mykonos 10246-004 TROPICAL GREEN

    COLOR: .

    ITEM # 10246

  • Seabreeze


    Seabreeze 10116-004 SEAGRASS GREEN

    COLOR: .

    ITEM # 10116

    Seabreeze is a tightly woven and light weight canvas-like textile available in a range of muted, almost heathered colors. Made from 100% solution dyed acrylic, this textile retains all of the properties of Sunbrella fabrics.

  • Zigzag


    Zigzag 10194-004 MINT

    COLOR: .

    ITEM # 10194

  • Amalfi


    Amalfi 10251-004 TROPICAL GREEN

    COLOR: .

    ITEM # 10251

  • Big Island

    Big Island

    Big Island 10076-004 LIGHT GREENBig Island 10076-014 GREEN/BLUE

    COLOR: .

    ITEM # 10076

    Big Island is a large scale patterned, outdoor textile made from Sunbrella yarns. Inspired by Hawaiian motifs and colors, this pattern is available in a variety of colorways.

  • Kauai


    Kauai 10077-004 LIGHT GREEN-WHITEKauai 10077-014 SAGE-WHITEKauai 10077-042 LIGHT BLUELIGHTGREEN

    COLOR: .

    ITEM # 10077

    Kauai is a part of Donghia's Aloha outdoor textile collection made entirely from Sunbrella

  • Sparrow


    Sparrow 10192-004 EMERALD

    COLOR: .

    ITEM # 10192

  • St. Barts

    St. Barts

    St. Barts 10248-004 SEA FOAM GREENSt. Barts 10248-014 TROPICAL GREEN

    COLOR: .

    ITEM # 10248

  • Pinata


    Pinata 10052-004 PERA-GREENPinata 10052-024 TURQUESA-TURQUOISEPinata 10052-034 SEA FOAM GREEN

    COLOR: .

    ITEM # 10052

    Pinata is a coordinating solid in Donghia's outdoor Fiesta Collection. Available in a range of bold and vibrant hues, this textile will add color to any outdoor or indoor space.

  • Splash


    Splash 10119-004 MANGROVESplash 10119-014 SEA LETTUCESplash 10119-024 LILY PADSplash 10119-034 CYPRESS

    COLOR: .

    ITEM # 10119

    Splash is a plush chenille that feels like the most luxurious beach towels. Woven entirely from Sunbrella yarns, Splash is a solid available in a wide range of colorways.

  • Swell


    Swell 10195-004 MINT

    COLOR: .

    ITEM # 10195

  • Cape Town

    Cape Town

    Cape Town 10252-004 TROPICAL GREENCape Town 10252-012 OCEAN BLUE GREEN

    COLOR: .

    ITEM # 10252

  • Oahu


    Oahu 10079-004 LIGHT GREEN-WHITEOahu 10079-014 SAGE-WHITE

    COLOR: .

    ITEM # 10079

    Oahu, part of Donghia's outdoor textile ALOHA collection is a large scale pattern with a tropical feel. Made with 100% Sunbrella solution dyed acrylic, Oahu is available in a wide range of bright colors.

  • Lifeguard


    Lifeguard 10112-004 SOUR GREEN APPLELifeguard 10112-014 SPEAR-O-MINT

    COLOR: .

    ITEM # 10112

    Lifeguard, part of Donghia's PLAYA Collection is a striking, multi-colored stripe made from Sunbrella yarns.

  • Coco


    Coco 10193-004 MINT

    COLOR: .

    ITEM # 10193

  • Tangier


    Tangier 10250-004 TROPICAL GREEN

    COLOR: .

    ITEM # 10250

  • Zambezi


    Zambezi 10020-004 ROKARI

    COLOR: .

    ITEM # 10020

    Zambezi, part of Donghia's outdoor textile Totem collection can be used as a tropical addition to an outdoor setting, but is also modern enough to serve as an abstract textural pattern. Woven from stain and mildew resistant Sunbrella yarns, Zambezi has an innovative finish which provides it with the hand and drape of the finest indoor textiles.

  • Lanai


    Lanai 10075-004 LIGHT GREENLanai 10075-014 SAGELanai 10075-024 green

    COLOR: .

    ITEM # 10075

    Lanai, part of Donghia's ALOHA collection is a solid basecloth made from 100% Sunbrella solution dyed acrylic, available in a wide range of distinctively tropical colors.

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