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  1. Vapor Trail

    Vapor Trail

    Vapor Trail is a casement woven of the finest Belgian linen. The irregular striped pattern of Vapor Trail created through a technique called space dying. Learn More
    Vapor Trail 10042-002 INDIGOVapor Trail 10042-003 HONEYVapor Trail 10042-004 CITRUSVapor Trail 10042-008 MULBERRYVapor Trail 10042-009 ONYX
  2. Souk Stripe

    Souk Stripe

    Souk Stripe is a refined, multi-colored vertical stripe woven of 100% cotton- a modern update of classic ticking stripes. Souk Stripe is available in a wide range of bold eye catching colors in a striking juxtaposition of pattern and color. Learn More
    Souk Stripe 10069-001 redSouk Stripe 10069-002 ROYAL BLUESouk Stripe 10069-003 CITRUS YELLOWSouk Stripe 10069-004 LODEN GREENSouk Stripe 10069-005 TANGERINESouk Stripe 10069-007 MAGENTASouk Stripe 10069-011 POMEGRANATESouk Stripe 10069-013 GOLDSouk Stripe 10069-015 MANGOSouk Stripe 10069-018 BROWN
  3. Pinata


    Pinata is a coordinating solid in Donghia's outdoor Fiesta Collection. Available in a range of bold and vibrant hues, this textile will add color to any outdoor or indoor space. Learn More
    Pinata 10052-002 CIELO-BLUEPinata 10052-003 AMARILLO-YELLOWPinata 10052-004 PERA-GREENPinata 10052-008 MARRON-TANPinata 10052-010 AZUCAR-WHITEPinata 10052-012 AZUL-BLUEPinata 10052-018 CACAO-BROWNPinata 10052-019 HUMO-DARK GRAYPinata 10052-020 CREMA-CREAMPinata 10052-024 TURQUESA-TURQUOISEPinata 10052-028 CAFE-DARK BROWN
  4. Morgane


    Featuring a romantic, damask-like pattern, Morgane is a chenille that possesses a more luxurious look than your typical tapestry. The motif creates a subtle tone-on-tone effect that offers the look and feel of antique textiles. Learn More
    Morgane 10046-001 TOMATO REDMorgane 10046-003 HONEY GOLDMorgane 10046-004 CELERYMorgane 10046-010 OATMorgane 10046-013 FLAXENMorgane 10046-014 FENNELMorgane 10046-018 CHESTNUTMorgane 10046-024 SAGEMorgane 10046-034 PEARMorgane 10046-044 MOSS
  5. Sophia


    Sophia metaphorically mirrors the incredible architecture of the Hagia Sophia in Instanbul. The intricate weave structure and Arabesque decorative motif result in the appearance of an authentic Eastern antique textile. Available in a range of colors, each colorway is actually two colors varying between tone on tone or striking contrasts. Learn More
    Sophia 10043-002 SAMSA-SKYSophia 10043-003 YAKUP-YELLOWSophia 10043-004 GOKTAS-GREENSophia 10043-007 PIDECI-PURPLESophia 10043-008 NOBEL-NATURALSophia 10043-009 GUMRUK-GRAYSophia 10043-012 BATUMLU-BLUESophia 10043-013 GEDIK-GOLDSophia 10043-018 BESIKCI-BROWNSophia 10043-019 BALIPASA-BLACK
  6. Great Lash

    Great Lash

    Offered in an array of colors, the tone on tone vertical stripes, self-fringe and fluid drape of Great Lash make it the perfect window dressing. Learn More
    Great Lash 10056-001 FLUSHED-REDGreat Lash 10056-002 BIG BLUE-LIGHT BLUEGreat Lash 10056-005 BRONZED-GOLDGreat Lash 10056-008 SKINLIGHT-BEIGEGreat Lash 10056-009 SMOKEY-CHARCOALGreat Lash 10056-010 BLIZZARD-WHITEGreat Lash 10056-028 COFFEE-DARK BROWN
  7. Antoinette


    Antoinette is a classic solid satin available in a wide variety of colors. A contrasting color cotton woven on the reverse side provides greater stability and versatility to this textile. Learn More
    Antoinette 10047-001 RUBYAntoinette 10047-002 ACQUAMARINEAntoinette 10047-003 CITRINEAntoinette 10047-004 TOURMALINEAntoinette 10047-006 GARNETAntoinette 10047-007 SPINELAntoinette 10047-008 TOPAZAntoinette 10047-009 PEARLAntoinette 10047-010 DIAMONDAntoinette 10047-012 LAPISAntoinette 10047-013 PYRITEAntoinette 10047-014 PERIDOTAntoinette 10047-017 AMETHYSTAntoinette 10047-018 COPPERAntoinette 10047-019 ZIRCONAntoinette 10047-020 IVORYAntoinette 10047-022 TANZANITEAntoinette 10047-023 AMBERAntoinette 10047-024 MALACHITEAntoinette 10047-028 TIGER'S EYEAntoinette 10047-029 BLACK PEARLAntoinette 10047-030 QUARTZAntoinette 10047-033 OCHREAntoinette 10047-039 OBSIDIAN
  8. Tamal


    Tamal, part of Donghia's outdoor textile, Fiesta Collection, is a variegated stripe interrupted by stations of small flowers and embroidery- like squiggles. Learn More
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