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  • Stone Mirrors (pair)

    Stone Mirrors (pair)

    ITEM # 83650-001

    A set of handmade Venetian wall mirrors with antiqued silvering and wide hand-beveled edge details. The large mirror has a light antiqued finish along the perimeter with a 1.5 inch thick beveled edge and a 1 inch thick wood backing. The small mirror has a dark antiqued finish along the perimeter with an inch wide beveled edge and a 3/4 inch wide wood backing.

  • Ether Mirror

    Ether Mirror

    ITEM # 83750-001

    Handmade Venetian mirror with antiqued silvering, graduating effect, and hand-beveled edge details. The center mirror panel has a light antiqued finish along the perimeter. The outer mirror tiles have a darker antiqued finish.


    Anjou Mirror

    COLOR: .

    ITEM # 08360-001

    This imposing mirror is clearly feminine in shape, but offers a masculine counterpart in its metalwork. Fluid and graceful, but also stately, the Anjou Mirror adds depth to any space.


    Cusp Mirror


    ITEM # 08350-001

    This octagonal wall mirror with brass frame in hand-applied patina reflects both the image and the personality of those who look into it.


    Sylvan Mirror

    COLOR: .

    ITEM # 08308-001

    A striking contrast of clean lines and a leaf accent create a luxurious juxtopisition to this distinctive mirror.


    Duca Mirror

    COLOR: .

    ITEM # 08318

    Flawlessly crafted in Venetian glass mirror, the heavilly bordered design of Duca has been given a lavish signature look.


    Marchesa Mirror

    COLOR: .

    ITEM # 08348

    Exquisitely created in Venetian glass with a handmade tile border, the Marchesa is a mirror that enhances any space it resides in.

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