Donghia captures the essence of New York City in its 2017 collection, MANHATTAN MUSE. Visionary designs, expressed through embroidered, woven, printed and hand-painted goods evoke the world’s great city of dreams. The nearly 200 offerings convey the energy, art, drama, music and unique lifestyles of this iconic locale; birthplace of the Donghia brand. With a focus on penthouse living, the collection takes inspiration from these dramatic urban homes at the top of the world. Skyline views, modern art, metals, stone, glass, glamorous parties, clothes and jewels have all inspired the featured palette, patterns and materials. “Manhattan Muse,” the collection’s signature statement design, looks like swirling ribbons of paint on canvas, artwork from a downtown gallery. In reality, it is an embroidered masterpiece. “Sundance,” perfect for upholstery, features a specially-spun metallic yarn which sparkles and flashes like sunlight on a picture window. The geometric shapes of “NYC” jacquard velvet, with its silky viscose pile and shimmering ground, suggest an evening snapshot of the city, taken from high above. These patterns and a myriad more, enable the designer to create the sophisticated, dazzling, yet livable “penthouse look” – in any space.

Manhattan Muse Catalog PDF