V & N Interiors was born out of the passion of Silvia and Gabriele for fabrics: their design began in 2005, after a long hand-made research work, born in Tuscany in the Middle Ages. The founders of V & N Interiors have been able to translate this ancient tradition into a product that is both innovative and unique. For their fabrics they use the best European yarns, while the production chain is Italian and is followed with care and passion in every single step. 

The fabrics are distinguished by the peculiarity of the workmanship and the softness and the pleasing touch. They are woven from original designs and natural colors. These features make it possible to have many uses in the field of furnishing and to fit both an antique style and a modern and minimal style. 

Silvia and Gabriele are motivated by the same motivation to produce a fabric of excellence, made in Tuscany, which expresses simplicity, sophistication and which, because of its softness, gives emotions. The choice of flax, as the essence of their product, also reflects the desire to use, among natural fibers, the one that most allows for a process of sustainable processing. A high quality product must be able to recognize and give a guarantee of reliability to those who buy it. 

The V & N Interiors fabrics have obtained the traceability certificate from Unionfiliere and the membership at Club Masters of Linen. These two certifications ensure the origin of linen, which comes from Flanders, and attest that all processing phases are made in Italy.



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