Hinson Fanfare Collection by Donghia 2016

Hinson trumpets its much-anticipated return with FANFARE Collection; an exciting parade of inspiring prints, clever weaves, and dazzling embroideries. The brand’s youthful point of view explodes to life in such offerings as “Firefly” embroidery, a captivating adaptation of iconic “Fireworks” print. “Swirl” ikat tugs tradition into the modern day – marrying the classicism of damask with the timeliness of genuine warp-printing. Upholstery finds perfect mates in “Confetti,” a weighty tweed made festive with unexpected pops of color, and “Highlight,” a handsome corduroy velvet with shimmering tonal accents. “Squiggle” linen, printed with laser light, takes pattern to the very cutting edge of technology. All of these offerings, and many more, are designed to mix, match, and enjoy in the sort of light-hearted, delightful room schemes for which the brand is known. FANFARE Collection enlivens the traditional and tweaks the contemporary to find a unique decorative language which both honors Hinson’s past and celebrates its future.

Carousel Multi Firefly